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TLBD Battle

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries Battle
Featuring: angelamaria, raiindust & carolstime

Caps chosen by erzsebet
(B H W B B)
(B H B H W)
(W B B H W)

Caps chosen by angelamaria
(R B B W R)
(W B H R B)
(B B R R W)

Caps chosen by raiindust
(W B R B R)
(H B R W B)
(W B R W B)

Caps chosen by carolstime
(W H R H B)
(B R H R R)
(W W R H R)

Bonus Caps
(B R)
(B H)
(R H)

Tags: !angelamaria, !carolstime, !raiindust, the lizzie bennet diaries
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Yaaay! \o/ Moar LBD icons, moar!

Ahem. My favorites from each: ♥

For raiindust

That first icon, OMG. Absolute win, the hashtags are just plain perfect. The negative space use and soft colors for the next two is fantastic, especially the first, combined with the crop--really stunning. I just love your soft colors as always, you nail it every single time in each of your icons, not just these three. ♥

For carolstime

I had to laugh at that first icon! Perfect background, in my opinion ;) The texture use in the second really draws the focus to Lizzie and Darcy, which makes it super cool in my book, and the vintage feel of the third--the coloring, the composition--is just really lovely. (Plus I love the keyboardflail in 13, haha.)

Fantastic work, you guys :) Thanks so much, raiindust, for holding this battle ♥
Yaaay! \o/ Moar LBD icons, moar!

Thank you so much bb! I'm super glad you like the first one and the third one, they are my two favourites from this post ♥

I'm always so in love with the way you can create such pieces of art in such a small space. This icon for example, is just flawless. The vibrant colours are amazing, and the composition is so creative! I'm getting such a pop-art vibe from it which is just incredible! And this, I mean just wow. Come on now with the absolutely gorgeous composition, the silhouette and the texture work combined with the muted yellow colours is adorable! The text here is divine, looooove the crop and the negative space just allows for the text to become the superstar here! And bonus shout out for this because the composition is flawless and I was so stuck with that cap and your result is amazing!
Thank you! ♥ I had a lot of fun doing the pop-art-y icon and the last one, although they also stumped me a great deal at first, especially the first one cine I've made an icon from it too :x so it was a bit challenging ti try and come up with something different! Thanks so much for your fantastic comments ♥♥♥ It brightened up my day a lot :3
Thank you guys so much for this fantastic battle! I can't remember the last time I'd enjoyed making icons so much, even though I left it for the last night before the deadline and it turned out not to be the best idea in the world ;D

Anyway, I love EVERYTHING you created but obviously there have to be favourites!

From angelamaria:

I ADORE the pop-art style in the first icon, I'd have never come up with something like this and the colours are p-e-r-f-e-c-t. The crop and the colouring of the 2nd icon are amazing and they really emphasise Jane's beauty and flawlessness. And the 3rd icon is just pure Lydia captured in 100 px ² :D

From raiindust:

The crop and the negative space - pure perfection. I think I might snag that icon later <3 The 2nd icon is made of win. I was thinking of doing a similar thing with the hashtags, but I'm glad I didn't, your version is fantastic. And hats off for the 3rd icon, I tried combining both Gigi and George in one icon but failed spectacularly and you really made it work.

Thanks again! <3
Thank you! ♥♥
Aw thank you so much! I'm glad you like the third - like you I was determined to put them both in the icon and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out :)

I really love the colouring on all three of these - and I think it show how wonderfully you can do both muted and vibrant. The colours in the first are so lovely and strong, and then in the third I love the vintage, stained feel! And of course the composition of the second is lovely as well!
OMG that bonus cap. That scene got me in my heart places. Totally picking one of those to upload!