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Battles - Rules and information

The Iconliseum is a large pixel structure where icon makers have been battling for domination, or just for fun, from imemorial times. Such battles are a long standing tradition between friends and foes, and usually attract a crowd of enthusiastic expectators.

In an icon battle, two or more participants make icons from a previously arranged set of images or themes of their common choice. Each participant must make an icon from every image/theme chosen. Afterwards, the results are displayed side-by-side for public appreciation!

There are two ways to participate in a battle: with a friend, or asking to be set up.

In the first, you set up a battle with one or more friends anywhere (not necessarily at the Registry or any part of the Icon Quest), the duo/group picks caps or themes, icons are made, one of the participants posts them to The Iconliseum, one of the participats leaves a comment to this post and all the involved parties PROFIT. You only need to post/register once the battle is complete. Please note that all the makers must be participants of The Icon Quest and regularly signed up.

If you want a battle but can't find a friend to do it with you, leave a comment on this post and you'll be partnered with someone(s) who has the same interests, who also signed up for a battle. You can talk and set up your battle, with whatever themes or fandoms you feel like, then make and post your icons comment again to the battle registering post, and it's done. Congrats!

Win/lose battles
Upon registering your battle, you can say if it's a participation only battle or a win/lose battle. Winning in a win/lose battle will get you extra points.
The winner is chosen through a poll in your battle post (please make sure you post the poll, or this aspect of the battle will be disconsidered). Other makers will have a week to vote in which participant won (overall, not icon-by-icon), after evaluating aspects such as icon quality, creativity, techinal aspects and others they may find relevant.

There are two ways to earn points in an icon battle: participation and winning.

Participation points will be defined by the resulting icons in a battle: every icon is worth 4 (four) points, and each participant earns points by the amount of icons themselves have made. If a participant has made 40 icons for a battle, they'll earn 160 points, no matter how many total icons are in the battle.

Winning points are those you get from a win/lose battle. Icons for the winner in a win/lose battle are worth 6 points. This way, if you win a battle where you've made 40 icons, you earn 240 points.

One way or another, remember that you must assign classes to the icons in your battle, for the resulting points to be properly alotted. The winning points will be alotted according to the classes of your own icons.
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