your Liege Lord (thequestmaster) wrote in iq_coliseum,
your Liege Lord


Welcome to the Iconliseum Registry. I am Mauve the County Clerk and I'm here to help you, how can I be of assistance?

Register battle
You chose the "Register battle" option. This means you have already completed a battle, and wants to receive your points. Please fill the form below and leave it in a comment, and your points will be awarded as soon as possible.

Find battle partners
You chose the "Find battle partners" option. This means you want to start a battle, and you're putting your name out there to be matched with a random person/people with similar interests. After this, we can only hope that you agree and proceed to battle phase! You're not forced to accept, but we'd like you to answer as soon as you can, to free the applicants for another match.

The comments won't be screened, so, if by perusing the list of applicants you find someone you think suitable, you can ask them directly by answering to their comment. After the match is made and accepted by both parties, the thread will be frozen and you can't ask them directly anymore.

You can leave suggestions on your form, but fine adjustments such as definitive theme(s), number of caps chosen and time to complete the battle will be left for the partners to decide. You can use your own thread as a discussion spot. Once everything is decided on, PLEASE FREEZE THE THREAD so we can consider the battle closed and you don't have to turn down any other potential participants.

Please fill the form below and leave it in a comment, and you'll be comunicated as soon as we find you a good match. You're not required to fill the entire form, but the more information you give, the more chances you have for a successful match.

Battles set through this post and open battle requests will be left in a blurb on the sidebar, so you can quickly check if there are any requests which interest you!
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